How To Improve Your Business’s SEO: 5 Great Ways

Search Engine Optimisation

Do you really want to improve your SEO? We asked the people of Resolve Agency and they provide us with the Below 5 effective ways to do SEO:

Keyword Research

If you want to optimise your website, make sure that your contents are rich in keywords. Even if your site contains some ambiguous keywords, ensure the keywords appear neatly in the article. Your site will rank high in search engines, if the contents are well-stuffed with relevant keywords.

Link building

One of the things that make your site popular is the quality of links- if you want to get wonderful page rank, then try to use reputable niche and site directories that will link back to your site.

It is good to have genuine, and relevant keywords, it is also good to view some of your competitor’s sites- try to know the number of links therein, and then make sure you have more valid links- this will surely increase your page rank. Share your links with other high-profile sites.

Relevant content

Perhaps, this is the most important part of search engine optimisation. The contents in your main page must be relevant to the information and targeted keywords in the alt tags and Meta tags.

Besides being keyword dense, the contents must read well, written in easy and readable grammar, so that it can be useful to the user. This is done so that the search engine can easily link it to the search topic. Also, if the keywords are over-stuffed in the content, it will appear as spam to most users, and this can put them off.

Optimise Meta tags

Meta tags appear in the code of every site; it is the summary of what the site is talking about. Two unique Meta tags are keywords and description. Meta tags help your site to rank well in the search rankings.

The description tags is what your visitors will read anytime they come to your site or anytime your page pops up in the search listings. What is written in the Meta tags can motivate users to stay in your site or not.

Meta tags are usually 150-200 characters; they should have relevant keywords in it, but don’t stuff them with keywords. Meta tags are written like a sentence, not a list.

Many search engines recommend that your site should be SEO friendly. So, whenever you are putting your contents together, make sure you put the terms people are searching for. This will make them to land to your site anytime they are looking for relevant contents.

Also, it is not good to avoid adding lots of duplicates or sound tautological in your writings, for example SEO, Search engine optimisation, SEO services, SEO agencies, Search Engine Optimisation service provider, etc. All these keywords are essentially the same, so try to pick or two variations and use them in your content writings.

Social Media

If you want your site to be noticed easily, then include setting up a social media profile in your plans. Social media is a socially active platform, applications and technologies that enables people to interact with each other. Examples are YouTube, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs etc.

Create an account with your company’s or product’s name in any or all of these social media platforms, and use it to increase the effectiveness of your goods and services.

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